Global Garage #9: France, Belgium, and Frantic City Records (5/21/2017)

In which the gang plays their first curated playlist, Ryan, nervously and slightly hungover, uses an unbearable number of ‘ums’ and mispronounces a bunch of things (as-per-usual), and Paul doesn’t know the difference between a track name and band name.


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Notes About This Show

The bulk of this show was curated by Bart De Vraantijk of Frantic City Records and Skeptics (new record out 6/3/2017). This show was really exciting for Paul and I to host because it gets to the roots of what we’re trying to do with Global Garage. We want to dive deep into music from all around the world, collaborating with people who are embedded in these scenes. We hope you enjoyed this show as much as we did hosting it! The individual track notes below are all thanks to Bart. As usual, the full playlist is available in the table further down (which includes additional picks from the records I brought home from Paris) as is the map. If you like what you heard during this show and are hungry for more, please give a listen to Hamburger Saignant II below, the latest Frantic City release.

1. Pierre et Bastien « Guitare Basse Batterie »
Let’s start with this great track by Pierre et Bastien from Paris, French-speaking Punk band formed by guys from other great outfits such as Les Bavarians, White Ass, Les Hulks, drummer also played in Jack of Heart for a while… One of the greatest bands in France right now if you ask me, they’ve been around for quite some time now and have 3 albums out, this very track is actually taken from Hamburger Saignant I.
2. La Flingue « Ton cuir noir de merde »
Frenglish Punk from Marseilles with La Flingue, this is a great live band, straight-in-your-face late-70s style Punk Rock, they have 4 records out and only do 6-track 12 inchers. They’re kind of an all-star band, guys played in Gasolheads, Hatepinks, The Aggravation, Irritones and probably a lot more, and they tour a lot, played in South America and Japan recently. Gotta dig them!
3. Les Lullies « You’re doing wrong »
More late-70s style Punk greatness with this young outfit from the South of France, this one’s taken from their first 7’’ out on Spanish label ‘Discos Meteoro’. Les Lullies are a bunch of guys from Garage band Les Gry-Grys + T.Boy from Les Suzards and Flying Over, they’re extensively touring around France at the moment and working on their second 7’’.
4. Asphalt « Do you understand (me) »
Asphalt you might already know from their great cover of Eater’s « Thinking of the USA » on Hamburger Saignant II, this track is taken from their second 7’’ out on Juvenile Delinquent, a great label from Nantes, one of the most interesting record labels in France at the moment according to me! Asphalt are a great band from Toulouse, in a typical KBD Punk vein, and a must-see live. Great guys (and girl)!
5. Cathedrale « Caught out there »
On the same label here’s a track from Cathedrale’s first LP. They’re also from Toulouse and play their own mix of Punk Wave with hints of Power Pop here and there. I haven’t seen them live yet but the album is great. Singer was in band Departure Kids before Cathedrale and Departure Kids played in the weirdest places (for a French band) like Bratislava (Czech Republic), Bangkok (Thailand), Hanoi (Vietnam) and Beijing (China)…
6. Skeptics « Skin of Green (Eyes of Red) »
One more from Juv Del and it’s a track from their next release (out on June 2nd), the fourth album by Fuzz Punk combo Skeptics from La Rochelle (my band 😉 ). Skeptics has been around for a good 6 years now, playing all around Europe (UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Austria, Italy, Spain and Portugal, we hit these all !) and in France too, sharing stages with bands such as Thee Oh Sees, NoBunny, Night Beats, Dead Ghosts…
7. Warm Swords « Right Amount of Wrong »
Regal is another band that we’d feel really related to with Skeptics, sharing one then two members for a while. Sadly Regal is over now but singer/guitar player Caelan (who’s currently residing in Schaerbeek, greater Brussels) is working on a new project called ‘Warm Swords’ and this my friend is gonna be a good band! Of course, you should check all of Regal’s recordings, they were a great band and are missed.
8. Mountain Bike « An escape plan »
Sticking to the Belgian capital city Brussels with Mountain Bike and an extract from their sophomore album « Too sorry for any sorrow », these lads are good friends who used to play in other cool bands such as Warm Toy Machine and Thee Marvin Gays and are gone a poppier way with Mountain Bike. They’re playing bigger and bigger venues mainly in Belgium and The Netherlands but also in France and the UK lately.
9. Thee Marvin Gays « Alerte Niveau 4 »
Talking about the Marvin Gays, let’s have a listen to their great ‘Alerte Niveau 4’ track, the wonderful opener of the Hamburger Saignant II LP! Thee Marvin Gays are from Tournai / Doornik, a small town in the South of Belgium very close to the French border, about 20-minute drive from Lille, the big city in the north of France.
10. Combomatix « I’m on it »
More good FC friends a-coming! These ones are from Rennes, one of the most exciting towns in France at the moment when it comes to good and weird Garage/Punk bands. Combomatix were amongst the first bands released on Frantic City though this track is taken from their second album which came out as a co-release on Howlin’ Banana and Retard Records.
11. Kaviar Special « I wouldn’t touch you with a stick »
Another band from Rennes and another record out on Howlin’ Banana (this one co-released with Beast Records), « I wouldn’t touch you with a stick » ( !) is a highlight from the band’s second album. They’ve done some fun videos you should check out on Youtube!
12. Dragster « I hate you »
Talkin’ about Rennes, Dragster started in Rennes but the two guys moved to Brussels, Belgium where they are now (and hired Caelan from Regal on keyboards !). This track is taken from their first record, an 8-track 10’’ released on Frantic City.
13. Precheur Loup « Bandicoot »
This one’s also taken from a Frantic City release, split cassette with Skeptics and Precheur Loup called « Wolf Meeting » (‘Loup’ = ‘Wolf’), first release from Precheur Loup alone, home-recorders from this guy who also plays guitar in cool bands such as Jaromil Sabor and Amphetamine Penis in Bordeaux.
14. Jaromil Sabor « Seagrave Station »
Talking about Jaromil Sabor let’s just listen to « Seagrave Station » from his third album… Yeah alright, it’s another Frantic City release and well why not as it’s actually good?? Guy is from Bordeaux but living in Paris at the moment and working on the new album which should be out early next year!
15. Vince and his Lost Delegation « Boulevard Hamel »
A good band from Paris ? Well check Vince and his Lost Delegation! Vince is originally from Quebec but has been living in Paris for quite a long time now, been playing in the Fatals and just released the second album from his current band. This track is the opener and an ear-catcher.
16. Destination Lonely « Staying underground »
Marco was also in the Fatals before moving from Perpignan to Bordeaux and starting Destination Lonely along with unmissable recording wizard Lo’Spider from Toulouse. This one’s taken from their second LP which just came out on super cool record label Voodoo Rhythm records from Switzerland.
17. Magnetix « Drogue Electrique »
One of the first bands Lo’Spider ever recorded were The Magnetix, Trash Garage duo from Bordeaux who’ve been around since the late 90s. This track is the opener from their last album to date, ‘Drogue Electrique’, released on both Born Bad Records in France and Slovenly Records for the rest of the world. This is a band you have to know if you’re interested in French Rock !!
18. Avenue Z « Pile ou Face »
The two from Magnetix recently started a new project called « Avenue Z » with Antoine from Catholic Spray and PCP Manor on keyboards. This three-piece recorded a first LP for Slovenly Records called « Azimut » before hiring Bart from Skeptics, Wild Zeros, Pneumonias and more (me !) on bass. Work on the sophomore album is advancing rapidly so be on the lookout. Won’t take any prisoners.
19. Forever Pavot « Miguel El Salam »
And well we’ll end up with my friend Emile alias Forever Pavot, who’s also from La Rochelle but living in Paris now and released a fantastic first album on Born Bad 3 years ago, a mix of Psychedelic and Soundtrack music. He’s currently working on the second one.


Global Garage Playlist: 5/21/2017
Table Artist Album (Label) Year Country
Guitare Basse Batterie Pierre et Bastien Hamburger Saignant (Frantic City) 2014 France
Ton cuir noir de merde La Flingue Kleb?-?stoff zéro?-?deux 2013 France
You’re doing wrong Les Lullies S/T (Discos Metero) 2016 France
Do you understand (me) Asphalt S/T (Juvenile Delinquent) 2014 France
Caught out there Cathedrale Total Rift (Juvenile Delinquent) 2017 France
Skin of Green (Eyes of Red) Skeptics SKEPTICS IV (Juvenile Delinquent) 2017 France
Right Amount of Wrong Warm Swords Demostruction 2016 Belgium
An escape plan Mountain Bike Too Sorry For Any Sorrow 2017 Belgium
Alerte Niveau 4 Thee Marvin Gays Hamburger Saignant II (Frantic City) 2017 Belgium
I’m on it Combomatix Chinese Songs For Bad Boys (Howlin’ Banana / Retard Records) 2016 France
I wouldn’t touch you with a stick Kaviar Special #2 (Howlin’ Banana / Beast Records) 2016 France
I hate you Dragster Dragster (Frantic City) 2016 Belgium
Bandicoot Precheur Loup Wolf Meeting (Frantic City) 2016 France
Seagrave Station Jaromil Sabor III (Frantic City) 2017 France
Boulevard Hamel Vince and his Lost Delegation Molécules à doses variables 2016 France
Vanessa Destination Lonely Death of an Angel 2017 France
Drogue Electrique Magnetix Drogue Electrique 2011 France
Pile ou Face Avenue Z Azimut 2016 France
Miguel El Salam Forever Pavot Rhapsode 2014 France
I Went Walking Os Noctàmbulos I Cannot Read Your Mind (Slice of Wax) 2017 France
Question de Servie Police Control Sentimental (Juvenile Delinquent) 2016 France
Atour de toi Frustration Autour de toi (Blind) 2016 France
Bad Motorcycle The Cavaliers Dancing Party EP (Kizmiaz) 2011 France
Death Story The Chemist & The Acevities Sounds from chemistry town #4 2016 France
E.N.D. The Staches Placid Faces (Les Disques Bongo Joe) 2016 Switzerland
Sixcentsoixantesix Qúetzal Snåkes II (XVIII) 2015 France
Silver & Gold The Madcaps Slow Down (Howlin’ Banana / Beast Records) 2017 France
Let’s Start a Fire Moonrite S/T 2016 France

Source of the Tunes



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