Global Garage #3: Surf Rock (4/9/2017)

In which guest Bryan Reed guides the gang through the world of Surf Rock, Ryan makes bad puns and proves he’s just a kook, and Paul uses the bathroom.


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Global Garage Playlist: 4/9/2017
Table Artist Album (Label) Year* Country State
Pipeline Agent Orange Bitchin’ Summer 1982 United States California
Beyond the Reef The Ventures Another Smash!!! 1961 United States Washington
Outer Wave The Sandals The Endless Summer OST 1966 United States California
Bustin’ Surfboards The Tornadoes Pulp Fiction Soundtrack 1994 United States California
Heartbeat The Avengers VI Lost Legends of Surf Guitar 4: Shockwave! (Sundazed) 1966 United States California
Dors Mon Amours Les Jaguars Vol. 2 1965 Canada
Let’s Go Trippin’ The Trashmen Live Bird ’65-’67! 1990 United States Minnesota
Out of Limits The Marketts Out of Limits 1963 United States California
Tarantula Los Straitjackets Supersonic Guitars in 3-D! (Yep Roc) 2003 United States Tennessee
The Sultan The Squires (Neil Young) Archives Vol. 1: 1963-1972 2009 Canada
Yagibushi Takeshi Terauchi Let’s Go Eleki Bushi 1965 Japan
Cyborg Control Man… Or Astro-Man? Experiment Zero 1996 United States Alabama
Snow Surf Threesome Threesome EP 2010 Serbia
Phantom Point The Aqualads Treasure 2011 United States North Carolina
Longboard Queen The Razorblades The Dark Side of the Beach 2006 Germany
Flight of the Surf Guitar The Atlantics Flight of the Surf Guitar 2000 Australia
PipeTruck JFA Unknown 1994 United States Arizona
Miskatonic Stomp Night Birds Mutiny on Muscle Beach 2015 United States New Jersey
Pier Pressure Insubordinates Insubordinates LP (Cowabunga) 2010 United States New York
Mr. Rebel Guantanamo Baywatch Darling… It’s Too Late 2015 United States Oregon
Oranges La Luz Weirdo Shrine (Hardly Art) 2015 United States Washington
Lipstick Twang Messer Chups Surf Riders from the Swamp Lagoon 2011 Russian Federation
Tidalwave Flat Duo Jets Two Headed Cow OST 2006 United States North Carolina
Nox Diem Docet Coffin Wheels Surf Attack from Russia (Magnetic Loft) 2015 Russian Federation
Fish The Clean Anthology 2002 New Zealand
Locos Sobre Reudas Los Tiki Phantoms Adventuras en Celuloide 2017 Spain
Surf Mongol Lost Acapulco Acapulco Golden 2002 Mexico
Bomber Man Sr. Bikini Bomber Man 2015 Mexico
Voodoo Juice The Ghouls Dracula’s Deuce 1965 United States California
Batman Theme Link Wray The Best of Link Wray 1993 United States North Carolina
Batman’s Batmorang The Sensational Guitars of Dan and Dale, Sun Ra and the Blues Project Batman & Robin 1966 United States New Jersey
The Spotnicks Theme The Spotnicks Top Twenty 2000 Sweden
Hawaii Five-O The Ventures Hawaii Five-O 1969 United States Washington
Smooth Stick The Deuce Coupes Hotrodder’s Choice 2005 United States
Squad Car PJ & Artie Lost Legends of Surf Guitar 3: Cheater Stomp (Sundazed) 1963 United States
Martian Surf Jerry Cole and his Spacemen Surf Age 2008 United States Wisconsin
Virgenes del Sol Los Siderals El Clan de los Recuerdos, Vol. 1 2015 Peru
Baja The Astronauts Surfin’ With the Astronauts 1963 United States Colorado
Hand Full of Blood The Starfires Switchblade Panic (Comp.) ? United States
Desert Boots The Vi-Kings Lux & Ivy’s Favorites (Comp.) 195? United States
Soft Surfie Max Merritt & The Meteors Zodiac 1963 New Zealand
Nit De Llampecs Los Relampagos Del Norte Guitar Mood ? Mexico
Cemetary Stomp The Essex Legends of Surf Guitar I: Big Noise from Waimea! (Sundazed) 1963 United States
Cops & Rodders The Winners Boss Drag ’64 (Comp.) 1991 United States
Surfs You Right Laika & The Cosmonauts Cosmopolis 2008 Finland
Surf Creature The Trashwomen Lust 1992 United States California
Moon Shot Duane Eddy Moon Shot / Roughneck 1965 United States New York
Polaris Dick Wolfe & The Wolverines Polaris 1963 United States
Misirlou Dick Dale & His Del-Tones King of Surf Guitar 2012 United States Massachusetts

*Year references either the song release year or the album/compilation year. Some of these suckers were hard to track down as is, so the year data is a little bit “meh”

Source of the Tunes



Ryan first discovered his love of radio at WSOE FM, where he spent all 4 years of college as a DJ, 2 as program director, and 1 as general manager. While his musical tastes are fairly broad, he has a big nerdy spot in his heart for prog rock.