Five Questions With… Lewis & The Strange Magics

Lewis & The Strange Magics are a heavy psych band formed in Barcelona in 2014. Their two LP releases to date have come out on Soulseller Records, which predominantly releases artists from the more extreme end of the metal spectrum. That gives you an idea of the band’s adventurousness if not its sound. Ryan said it best when he included Evade Your Soul on his list of 10 favorite records for 2017: “Evade Your Soul, somehow, sounds like something that came before yet unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Evadetranscends mere heavy psych, dancing around prog rock, funk, soul, metal, and jazz evoking Michael Jackson, Black Sabbath, Bowie, and Frank Zappa at the same time.”

Band: Lewis & The Strange Magics
Country of Origin: Spain

Five Questions

1. What is your desert island disc (the one album you couldn’t live without?)

My favorite album is Abbey Road by The Beatles.

2. How did the band members meet?

We knew each other before the band was born. We have met from the music scene of our city, in general.

3. What is the underground music scene like in your home country?

There’s not a big music scene on my country. There’s a kind of Indie Rock music scene, but it’s not very strong compared to other countries’ scene.

4. What are some of your biggest influences outside of music?

I’m very influenced by film directors, from Billy Wilder to Dario Argento. I’m not a great lyric writer, so they inspire me to make cool stories for my songs.

5. Tell us about your favorite show you ever played.

My favorite show has been last march with my other band, Telescope. I was very comfortable and I had a great time.


Ryan first discovered his love of radio at WSOE FM, where he spent all 4 years of college as a DJ, 2 as program director, and 1 as general manager. While his musical tastes are fairly broad, he has a big nerdy spot in his heart for prog rock.