Five Questions With… Agarimo

Band: Agarimo
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

The Bristol scene is killing it these days and Agarimo contributes an exciting psychedelic-laced post-punk one-two-punch. Though the band hails from Bristol its members originate from Spain, Italy, and the UK. Of course we here at Global Garage love seeing that sort of musical collaboration and are excited to feature them in this week’s entry to “Five Questions With…” (answers were provided by Pablo – Vox, guitar, synth – on behalf of the band).

Five Questions

1. What is your desert island disc (the one album you couldn’t live without?)

It has to be The Doors self-titled album. One of the first records that I listened to and made me fall in love with music, it always sends me back to a very good place when I listen to Morrison’s singing. Imagine the feeling of listening to “The End” at that desert island.

2. How did the band members meet (or, for a solo musician, how did you get started)?

Juan (my brother) and me founded the band 3 years ago, after being in several others. We are brothers, then came Marcus in drums and Marco and Sergio (both from Italy) last year when we met them here locally with auditions

3. What is the underground music scene like in your home country?

It is actually getting pretty interesting here in Bristol, when we arrived 10 years ago it was all about DrumnBass and Dnb now we have cool promoters doing a good job by bringing great alternative bands with the opportunity to support international acts. Our record label Stolen Body Records is all about garage, psych rock, post-punk and some world music. We enjoy the Bristol bands on the label as well. Though there’s a scene it is not as big as it can be in London or other cities in the UK. Probably getting more venues and funds from the government would help.

4. What are some of your biggest influences outside of music?

From literature, existentialism, cinema to the experiences lived with other people and in solitude.

5. Tell us about your favorite show you ever played.

So far and because it was with our fully formed new line up, it has to be in Italy when we played for around 500 people in Sicily. We had lots of fun and a great connection with the crowd. The Italians are hot man!


Ryan first discovered his love of radio at WSOE FM, where he spent all 4 years of college as a DJ, 2 as program director, and 1 as general manager. While his musical tastes are fairly broad, he has a big nerdy spot in his heart for prog rock.