Five Questions With… Lukiek

Band: Lukiek
Country of Origin: Basque Country
Photographer: Ainhoa Beristain

I first heard of Lukiek from friend of the show Ally Morton (of Massa Confusa) who posted the band’s Bandcamp link in our Worldwide Weirdos Facebook group. Ally’s post came just at the right time as I was working on my 2019 end of year favorites list and, after one listen, the Basque Country band’s debut record landed right on that list.

I’m having trouble putting to words the kind of compelling, playful fury that Lukiek is able to capture with their songs. Echos of London Calling-era Clash appear as do aspects of the modern garage scene coming out of France (ala what you might hear on a Frantic City Records comp) with a dollop of pop-punk (ala Sløtface). All that to say the record is fantastic and it served as my gateway drug to the rich music scene that is currently emanating from Basque Country.

1. What is your desert island disc (the one album you couldn’t live without)

Rancid – …And Out Come the Wolves

2. How did the band members meet (or, for a solo musician, how did you get started)?

We live in the same town, so… The bass player and the vocalist (and guitar player as well) are friends since childhood. Then they meet the drummer in a bar.

3. What is the underground music scene like in your home country?

There are a lot of bands in the underground music, but not public. Always the same people doing the same concerts in the same venues.

4. What are some of your biggest influences outside of music?

Friends, the place where we live, and different arts like literature and/or cinema.

5. Tell us about your favorite show you ever played.

Not the best, but maybe the most important: the release concert of our first album. A lot of nervous and a lot of people in one of the most important venues of Bilbao (Kafe Antzokia). Finally everything was fine. Good memories.


Ryan first discovered his love of radio at WSOE FM, where he spent all 4 years of college as a DJ, 2 as program director, and 1 as general manager. While his musical tastes are fairly broad, he has a big nerdy spot in his heart for prog rock.