Five Questions With… Young Lights

Young Lights are a recent find of mine and already a favorite for their spaced-out sound. I came across them through a collaboration with Brazilian noise rock group Lupe de Lupe, which should let you know right off the bat that these guys have a pretty flexible definition of genre. The group has transformed from a solo act into a full-fledged folk rock band (more on that below), and one that isn’t afraid to take risks on their beautiful self-titled 2017 album.

Band: Young Lights
Country of Origin: Brazil

Five Questions

1. What is your desert island disc (the one album you couldn’t live without?)

What an amazing but difficult question! But, I guess I’d probably have to go with Harvest Moon by Neil Young. I think the album in all is fucking perfect. A record with sensibility, rawness, feeling and totally unpresumtuous. It’s just so beautiful and I find myself listening to it in any and all kinds of moods.

2. How did the band members meet?

We met pretty much naturally I guess. I came to Brazil in late 2010 (I’m originally from Massachusetts). I immediately started recording and came up with An Early Winter (2013) EP and then later Cities (2014) LP as Young Lights. I was a solo project back then, but I needed a band. I knew Boss (our guitarist) through mutual friends, and he just randomly told me that he learned all the guitars of the songs, so I threw him in the mix. Joao (our bassist) who is an amazing guitarist, simply wanted to play Bass, hahha. He was going through a break up at the time, and I thought his emotions could be centered somewhere, so I had him on Bass. We went through a few drummers, apparently it’s not such an awesome job haha. But I found Bruno through bands he played in, and asked him to jam, and he’s working out pretty great.

3. What is the underground music scene like in your home country?

The underground scene is pretty insane. I think we have some of the most amazing music in the world, and it’s so culturally varied and eccentric. There has been quite a few bands, even friends of ours to head up to US tours. We have the world famous Sepultura, which to this day sell out shows throughout the world. Our Boogarins, psychedelic rock n roll, that are one of the iconic bands of our new generation down here. There are amazing festivals that promote the independent scene, such as, Coquetel Molotov, Musica Quente, Popload Festival, Bananada, Vaca Amarela, and also of course Rock In Rio and Lollapalooza.

4. What are some of your biggest influences outside of music?

Outside of music? I’m not too sure. Maybe drinking? Hahaha. I think there’s a lot to be passionate about, like, you know, cinema, photography, books and etc, so, I think everyone should find their thing. I think music, and listening to it, and being involved in it, in any kind of form, is the biggest influence of all, really. I don’t really see myself being happy doing anything else.

5. Tell us about your favorite show you ever played.

We’ve played so many shows over the years, and quite a few stand out. I think my favorite shows are the ones where you can really feel the intimacy between yourself and the crowd. I think that chemistry is an unbelievably compatible mix, where everything you do, just feels right. I’d have to say my favorite show was exactly that. We played in our hometown, at our record release show of “Young Lights (2017)” LP. We played to a large crowd with one of our favorite bands called Baleia. And everything just worked out. We we’re able to play our hearts out, and the crowd sang theirs out, and it was just such a rewarding experience. I often think about that moment when we play some terrible shows, and tell myself “we can do better, we’ve been better”.