Global Garage #37: Aye Nako Interview (12/3/2017)

In which the gang interviews Aye Nako, Paul does his best(?) Clint Eastwood impression, and Ryan admits to failing at technology.

As always, the entire show is streaming below, but if you only care about the Aye Nako interview we’ve added that below as well.


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Aye Nako Interview


Global Garage Playlist: 12/3/2017
Track Artist Album (Label) Year Country State
Kynsvelt Hórmónar Hórmónar EP (self-released) 2016 Iceland
Soup Kitchen Eroders Eroders EP (It’s Trash Records) 2017 United States Michigan
Terrible Love Richard Bacchus & The Luckiest Girls Jet Black & Beautiful (Stay Gold Records) 2007 United States North Carolina
Night of the Sadist The Shriekers The Shriekers (self-released) 2016 United States Oregon
Berliner Luft Chuckamuck Chuckamuck (Staatsakt Records) 2017 Germany
Nutant SHC SHC (self-released) 2017 Portugal
Mark of the Outcast Bloodnut St. Ranga (self-released) 2017 New Zealand
I Hope the Ghosts of the Dead Haunt Yr Soul Forever Valient Thorr Immortalizer (Volcom Entertainment) 2008 United States North Carolina
HOT BOI ISS (Endless Pussyfooting) (Erste Theke Tontraeger) 2017 United States North Carolina
Aspirin Kid The Nation of Ulysses 13-Point Program to Destroy America (Dischord Records) 1991 United States District of Columbia
They! U-Men U-Men (Sub Pop) 2017 United States Washington
Life Unknown Give Give (Moonflower Records) 2009 United States District of Columbia
Ask the Night Tonight Brat Farrar BRAT FARRAR (P Trash Records) 2012 Australia
Jim Morrison Son Golden Trash Killed By Meth #2: Rust Belt Rockers (It’s Trash Records) 2017 Canada
Cease and Desist Mike Krol Trust Fund (Merge Records) 2013 United States California
Let’s Go Menial The Cichlids Be True To Your School (Bold Records) 1980 United States Florida
Chameleon Paint Tropical Fuck Storm Chameleon Paint / Mansion Family 7" (Mistletone / Tropical Fuck Storm Records) 2017 Australia
Piritorilta taivaaseenn Teksti-TV 666 1 (Gaea Records) 2014 Finland
That’s Not All Pia Fraus Field Ceremony (Shelflife) 2017 Estonia
Hard Times Killing Floor Roberto Frattini Little Domestic Ghosts (Psych Up Melodies) 2017 Italy
Burning Knee Girl Werewolf this is fun i hope we don’t die (self-released) 2017 United States North Carolina
Curse the Day Night Battles Curse the Day / Locust Sky (self-released) 2017 United States North Carolina
Yr Lonely SLIME SLIME EP (self-released) 2017 United States North Carolina
Al Más Allá Las Cobras Temporal (self-released) 2017 Uruguay
Doro Ningyou Maria Kannon S/T (Bloody Butterfly) 1991 Japan
Have You Ever Heard a Digital Accordion? The Lovely Eggs If You Were Fruit (Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records) 2009 United Kingdom

Source of the Tunes

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