Global Garage #41: 2017 Year End Favorites Special (12/31/2017)

In which the gang spins their favorite records of 2017.


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Global Garage Playlist: 12/31/2017
Track Artist Album (Label) Year Country State
Bamako Songhoy Blues Résistance (Fat Possum Records) 2017 Mali
Letting Go Here Lies Man Here Lies Man (RidingEasy Records) 2017 United States California
Fuzz Me In The Cave The Smoggers Dark Reaction (Soundflat Records) 2017 Spain
TV Monsters Lewis & The Strange Magics Evade Your Soul (Soulseller Records) 2017 Spain
Death By Beautiful Things Juju Our Mother Was A Plant (Fuzz Club Records) 2017 Italy
Sun Bleached Sløtface Try Not To Freak Out (Propeller Recordings) 2017 Norway
Sufferin’ Creature Faith Healer Try 😉 (Mint Records) 2017 Canada
Hate and Control Bully Losing (Sub Pop Records) 2017 United States Tennessee
Make You Mine Brat Farrar III (Kizmiaz Records) 2017 Australia
Heaven Is In My Head Aquarian Blood Last Nite In Paradise (Goner Records) 2017 United States Tennessee
Masculine Side Prom Nite Dancing To This Beat… (Barfbag Records) 2017 Canada
Speak Up The Miami Dolphins Water Your Waiting For (FPE Records) 2017 United States Minnesota
Bx Ax Bx Saicobab Sab Se Purani Bab (Thrill Jockey Records) 2017 Japan
Brujo Sundays & Cybele Chaos & Systems (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records) 2017 Japan
White Privilege Idles Brutalism (Balley Records) 2017 United Kingdom
I’m So Affluent Playboy Manbaby Don’t Let It Be 2017 United States Arizona
Devil Only Eel Night Parade Of 100 Demons (Beach Impediment Records) 2017 United States Pennsylvania
Part Time All The Time ISS (Endless Pussyfooting) 2017 United States North Carolina
Cred Woes Liars TFCF (Mute) 2017 Australia
Thinkin’ Of The USA Asphalt Hamburger Saignant II (Frantic City) 2017 France
Byzantine Golden Pelicans Disciples Of Blood (Goner Records) 2017 United States Florida
Soviet Dasher Sodium (Jagjaguwar) 2017 United States Indiana
Thank You Baby In Vain More Nothing (Partisan Records) 2017 Denmark
National Anthem The Monoliths S/T (Mastermind Records) 2017 Denmark
Trees Sunshine Reverberation S/T (Westergaard Records) 2017 Norway
Hamadi Group Doueh & Cheveu Dakhla Sahara Session (Born Bad Records) 2017 Western Sahara
Weightlessness Vinnum Sabbathi Gravity Works (LSDR Records/Aim Down Sight Records/South American Sludge Records) 2017 Mexico
Static Hum Chelsea Wolfe Hiss Spun (Sargent House) 2017 United States California
The Outsider The Underground Youth What Kind Of Dystopian Hellhole Is This? (Fuzz Club Records) 2017 Germany

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