Global Garage #42: 1/7/2018

In which the gang struggles to take a selfie, Ryan proves that he has no fashion sense, and Paul thinks he’s in California.


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Global Garage Playlist: 1/7/2018
Track Artist Album (Label) Year Country State
Policia Mercenarias Cadê as Armas? (Baratos Afins) 1986 Brazil
Malditos Cremalleras S/T 2013 Mexico
The loss of human dignity The Rebel Riot Band Voice of the Youth – Vol. II (Turning Tables) 2017 Myanmar
Reign of Fear Alice Bag Alice Bag & the Sissybears (Don Giovani Records) 2017 United States California
Poor Little Rich Girl Fea S/T (Blackheart Records) 2016 United States Texas
Toyota Prius Silent Killer Naked Naps Year of the Chump (Self Aware Records) 2017 United States North Carolina
Perro Rompebolas Las Kellies Kellies (Fire Recors) 2011 Argentina
Empatia Tomar Control Lo Que Llevamos Dentro 2015 Peru
¡Xicanista! Bombón ¡Xicanista! 2016 United States California
Narcissism The Tin Turtles S/T 2017 Czech Republic
Thunderstorm Thee Melomen Chinatown 2016 Croatia
Film Side Effect S/T 2012 Myanmar
Last Rocker BBQT Last Rocker 2016 United States Texas
You Felt Comfort Tim Darcy Saturday Night (Jagjaguwar) 2017 Canada
Hot Damn Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas Telephone (Instant Records) 2017 United States Michigan
Chola Surf Thee Commons Paleta Sonora (Cosmica Records) 2017 United States California
Machista Buffalo Moon Machista 2014 United States Minnesota
Kumbia Punk Kumbia Queers Pecados Tropicales (comfortzone) 2012 Argentina
It’s Getting Boring by the Sea Blood Red Shoes Box of Secrets (V2 International Records) 2008 United Kingdom
Asimilasyon She Past Away Narin Yalnizlik (Remoov) 2015 Greece
Flee From War (Our Rights) Farhad Bandesh Band Flee From War (Our Rights) (Wantok Musik) 2017 Papua New Guinea/Kurdistan
Para Mi Hello Seahorse! Arunima (Bunker Producciones) 2012 Mexico
THousand Pieces Kabul Dreams Megalomaniacs 2017 Afghanistan
The Bad Will Die Keith Mlevhu Can’t You Hear Me (Now-Again Records) 2016 Zambia
Making Life out of Music EYE Q Can’t You Hear Me (Now-Again Records) 2016 Zimbabwe
Azzaman Imarhan Azzaman (City Slang Records) 2017 Algeria
Drinking of You Helicon S/T (Fuzz Club Records) 2017 United Kingdom
The Witch is Back Moonrite The Witch Is Back 7“ 2018 France
Cosmic Rupture Mythic Sunship Upheaval (El Paraiso Records) 2018 Denmark
La Voievozi Cu Gandul Savoy Lied Cu Fluturi (Electrecord) 1979 Romania
Something Is Wrong Vox Low Something Is Wrong (Correspondant Music) 2015 France

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Ryan first discovered his love of radio at WSOE FM, where he spent all 4 years of college as a DJ, 2 as program director, and 1 as general manager. While his musical tastes are fairly broad, he has a big nerdy spot in his heart for prog rock.