Global Garage #50: 3/4/2018

In which a very sleepy Ryan works his way through the playlist.


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Global Garage Playlist: 3/4/2018
Track Artist Album (Label) Year Country State
Q&V Lindja Demo 1986 Kosovo
Reagan Youth Superchunk What A Time To Be Alive (Merge Records) 2008 United States North Carolina
Reocurring Dreams The Dahmers Reoccurring Dreams 2018 Sweden
Con Vos Ripe Banana Skins Con Vos Single 2018 Paraguay
The Scene Suburban Man Road To Frustration 2014 Kuwait
Spravodlivos? Davová Psychóza Antropofóbia 1991 Slovakia
Erjed már Aurora Válogatás 1983-1999 1999 Hungary
Sober to Death Car Seat Headrest Twin Fantasy 2018 United States
Rock ‘n’ Roll Time The Smoking Bones Authorize Yourself 2018 Italy
Workin’ Dog Reese McHenry & The Fox High Comma 2018 United States North Carolina
I Never Wanted Love Shannon & The Clams Onion 2018 United States California
It Meant Nothing The Sultans Shipwrecked 2004 United States California
The Draugr Kaviar Special Vortex 2018 France
Beach Life Double Veterans The Brotherhood of Scary Hair and Homemade Religion 2014 Belgium
Ok Alright Ok Kitty Kitty Tuna Ok Alright Ok 2017 Netherlands
M?s grib?j?m izmain?t pasauli Inokentjis Marpls Tup’n turies 2017 Latvia
A Dog In The Sleeve T/O A Dog In The Sleeve Single 2018 France
Nights Out S.E Ward Leaving 2018 United States
I Don’t Understand Th Da Freak The Hood 2018 France
Cry Like A Man Gothic Tropic Fast or Feast 2017 United States California
Circle Japan Suicide Santa Sangre 2018 Italy
No Light No Mightier Creatures S/T 2017 Peru
The Best Part of Being Young is Falling in Love with Jesus The Homesick Youth Hunt 2017 Netherlands
Please Spotting S/T EP 2017 Australia
Horse of Colors Hanggai Horse of Colors 2016 Mongolia
A kes tu nii? Winny Puhh A kes tu nii? Single 2018 Estonia
Lech Walesa The Kurws Dziura w Getcie 2014 Poland
Meteor Hold Station Dawn of a New Day 2018 France
Run Arcadian Child Afterglow 2017 Cyprus
Coming In Stonus Coming In Single 2017 Cyprus
Mellow The Broccolis Early Daze 2017 Mexico
La Cobra Cascabel Cobra 2017 Mexico

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Ryan first discovered his love of radio at WSOE FM, where he spent all 4 years of college as a DJ, 2 as program director, and 1 as general manager. While his musical tastes are fairly broad, he has a big nerdy spot in his heart for prog rock.