Global Garage #53: Mexico, Part Two — The Broccolis Interview (3/25/2018)

The second of two episodes focused on the music of Mexico! Ryan interviews garage rock band The Broccolis, Paul returns, and it gets weird.

If you would like to just listen to the Broccolis interview, scroll down a bit.

A big thanks to my friends in The Broccolis for chatting with me before the show. Also, many thanks to Toga Records for unknowingly helping me build a large portion the playlist this week. Check out Mexico, Part One featuring my interview with Cascabel.


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The Broccolis Interview


Global Garage Playlist: 3/25/2018
Track Artist Album (Label) Year Country State
A la carta Los Honey Rockets S/T (Afonico Music) 2017 Mexico
All My Troubles Electric Shit S/T 2015 Mexico
Kill the Scene Foe Spektor Kill The Scene 2018 Mexico
Pank Sgt. Papers Sgt. Papers Lonely Psych Punk Band 2017 Mexico
Psychedelic Trek Las Pipas de la Paz CHICOS DE BARRIO 2015 Mexico
My Momma Ex Lovers My Momma 2017 Mexico
La Última Los Headaches Hola Hola 2016 Mexico
Como era en las 70’s Los Reverse Orion 2017 Mexico
Chavo Vago Los Ovnis Los Ovnis de Hoy 2017 Mexico
Seven The Bela Lugossips S/T 2016 Mexico
Holy water The Silver Stones Holy Water 2017 Mexico
D.O.G. Virtual Haze Uninvited (Abstrakt Musak) 2017 Mexico
Hiena Apolo Guardian (Midnite Recs) 2015 Mexico
Coctel de Gas Cardiel Aloha From Fuzz 2017 Mexico
Cambio De Piel The Volture Egypto (Tetra Gamma) 2015 Mexico
Come on Baby Mr Brooklyn S/T (G.O.D. Records) 2014 Mexico
Diablo De Polvo Felipe el Hombre Hijos del Sol 2018 Mexico
Be The Same The Mud Howlers Be The Same (Electric Emerald Records) 2017 Mexico
¿Por Qué No Puedo Mentir? Pirámides Llovinza 2016 Mexico
Smoke Moonatic Another Sky (PYL Records) 2018 Mexico

Source of the Tunes

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