Global Garage #55: 4/8/2018

In which the gang argues about microphone placement, Paul can’t tell the difference between reality and Twin Peaks, and Ryan makes up weird genre names.


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Global Garage Playlist: 4/8/2018
Track Artist Album (Label) Year Country State
A Ella Los Vigilantes S/T (Slovenly) 2011 United States Puerto Rico
Ningun Lugar Re-Animadores Me Das Asco (Nelvin Lara) 2016 United States Puerto Rico
T-C-H-A-U The Courettes We Are The Courettes (Sounds of Subterrania) 2018 Denmark
Damage Your Health Wild Zeros Motormouth EP (Nerve Centre) 2018 France
Be Alright Miesha and the Spanks Girls Girls Girls ( 2018 Canada
Nazi Apocalypse Simply Saucer Cyborgs Revisited (In The Red Records) 2018 Canada
California Burning DeWolff California Burning Singe (Mascot Records) 2018 Netherlands
You Do Something Mr. Airplane Man Jacaranda Blue 2018 United States Massachusetts
Too Scared to Rock & Roll Murph & The Gazorpos Too Scared to Rock & Roll Single 2018 United Kingdom
Burn It Sunflower Bean Twentytwo in Blue (Mom + Pop) 2018 United States New York
Polyester Sometimes Yess Woah Believe 2018 Canada
Black Lagoon Resurrection Committee Join! 2018 Canada
Girls Perrosky Celio Perro (Algorecords) 2016 Chile
Veneno de Serpiente Los Nastys Musica para el Amor y la Guerra (Nacional Records) 2018 Spain
Mr Girl Vypers Champion 100 2018 Canada
Jessica Don’t Like Rock ‘n’ Roll Autogramm Jessica Don’t Like Rock’n’Roll / Walk Don’t Talk 2 Me (Snappy Little Numbers) 2018 Canada
Cheeze for My Rat Rubber Eggs Rubber Eggs EP 2017 Italy
Tatli Diller Guler Yuze Altin Gun On (Les Disques Bongo Joe) 2018 Netherlands
Can’t You See Triptides Can’t You See Single (Croque Macadam) 2018 United States California
Memories PAUW Macrocosm Microcosm (Caroline Benelux) 2015 Netherlands
Remedy II My Baby Remedy II (Embrace Recordings) 2015 Netherlands
Perros de la Nostalgia Los Mundos Ciudades Flotantes (AVANDADOOM) 2018 Mexico
Hedonism Towanda Plaything (Deface the Music Records) 2018 Canada
Champagne Action The Switching Yard Yet Again 2016 Canada
Sangria Familia de Lobos S/T 2018 Argentina
Nod Landing Bells In New Towns (El Paraiso Records) 2018 United States Connecticut
Night Mantis Hot Garbage Max Blonda 2017 Canada
Ambibes DRAME S/T (Platinum Records) 2015 France

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Ryan first discovered his love of radio at WSOE FM, where he spent all 4 years of college as a DJ, 2 as program director, and 1 as general manager. While his musical tastes are fairly broad, he has a big nerdy spot in his heart for prog rock.