Global Garage #15: 7/2/2017

In which Paul returns from time-travelling, Ryan ends a song too early, and the gang talks about poop.


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Global Garage Playlist: 7/2/2017
Table Artist Album (Label) Year Country State
No Soporto Mas Los Gueros No Soporto Mas (RCA Victor) 1965 Mexico
My Dying Bed Andy California My Dying Bed (Slovenly Recordings) 2016 United States Massachusetts
My Baby Loves Me When I Stink A Pony Named Olga Guided By Hormons (4ling) 2007 Germany
Rockabilly Motion Butchwax 1977 (Demonbeach Records) 2017 United States North Carolina
Second In Command Veiny Hands Veiny Hands (BUFU) 2017 United States Florida
Mary You Wanna Mooon Mary You Wanna (Single) (Excelsior Recordings) 2017 Netherlands
Mama Milk The Milkees Lovelever (All Creative Entertainment) 2010 Japan
Time to Go The Nude Party Hot Tub (Self-released) 2016 United States North Carolina
Red Ribbon The Stevens A History of Hygiene (Chapter Music) 2013 Australia
The Man I Don’t Wanna Be Unnatural Axe Is Gonna Kick Your Ass (Lawless) 1999 United States Massachusetts
Woman Is A Danger Cat Thee MVPs Most Valuable Players (Easy Action) 2016 United Kingdom
Record Store The Dummies The Dummies (Get Hip) 1996 United States New York
Comedy Quiz The Shitty Limits Speculate/Accumulate (La Vida Es Un Mus Discos) 2015 United Kingdom
Lost Weight, Perfect Skin LOWER Seek Warmer Climes (Matador) 2014 Denmark
Eventual Ghost Drunk Mums Eventual Ghost (Gaga Digi) 2011 Australia
Freakout Worthless Greener Grass (Beyond is Beyond is Beyond) 2017 United States New York
Ring the Alarm Quintron Sucre Du Sauvage (Goner) 2011 United States Louisiana
Lonely Jones Post Animal The Garden Series (Self-released) 2016 United States Illinois
I Am Over Here Eerie Wanda Hum (Beyond is Beyond is Beyond) 2016 Netherlands
Catflap Sobs Catflap (Middle Class Cigars) 2017 Singapore
Surrender Heads On Sticks Decision/Surrender/Landscape (Self-released) 2015 United States North Carolina
Shine a Light Shabazz Palaces & Quazars Shine a Light (single) (Sub Pop) 2017 United States Washington
Ex-Cop The Dictaphone Hazmat (Totally Wired Records) 2015 France
Angel Sigh SIANspheric Spiritualized In Other Medications (The Blog That Celebrates Itself) 2017 Canada
Pool Hall The Wave Pictures Bamboo Diner in the Rain (Moshi Moshi) 2016 United Kingdom
Sea of Nothing Drugdealer The End of Comedy (Domino) 2016 United States California
The Pilgrim to the Woods Montibus Communitas The Pilgrim to the Absolute (Beyond is Beyond is Beyond) 2014 Peru
I Held The Ring Magic Trick Other Man’s Blues (Empty Cellar Records) 2016 United States California
So Tired Talbot Adams Community/Recession (Secret Identity Records) 2017 United States Mississippi

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Ryan first discovered his love of radio at WSOE FM, where he spent all 4 years of college as a DJ, 2 as program director, and 1 as general manager. While his musical tastes are fairly broad, he has a big nerdy spot in his heart for prog rock.