Global Garage #168: New Zealand co-hosted by Hannah Herchenbach of PGX (pt. 1)

In which guest co-host Hannah Herchenbach, of the band PGX, curates the first of two New Zealand playlists, focusing on the classic Dunedin sound.

Hannah is currently working on a PhD focused on the last 40 years of Dunedin rock culture. Visit Hannah’s website to read some of the articles mentioned during the show, especially the article about Peter Gutteridge.

Part two will air next week, be sure to tune in!

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Global Garage Show Playlist: 7/5/2020

Band – Album (Label) – Location – Year
Your Telepathy
Thought Creature – Teleport Palace ‎(Involve) – New Zealand – 2008
PGX – Naïve (Melted Ice Cream) – New Zealand – 2020
Chocolate Factory
PGX – Naïve (Melted Ice Cream) – New Zealand – 2020
The Shortest Year
PGX – Naïve (Melted Ice Cream) – New Zealand – 2020
Peter Gutteridge
PGX – Naïve (Melted Ice Cream) – New Zealand – 2020
Point that Thing
The Clean – Anthology (Merge Records) – New Zealand – 2003
Born Into The Wrong Time
The Great Unwashed – Collection (Flying Nun) – New Zealand – 1992
Snapper – S/T EP (Flying Nun) – New Zealand – 1988
Pink Frost
The Chills – Kaleidoscope World (Flying Nun) – New Zealand – 1986
Satin Doll
The Chills – Kaleidoscope World (Flying Nun) – New Zealand – 1986
Tuscan Nights
Robert Scott – Ends Run Together (Flying Nun) – New Zealand – 2010
Outer Space
3Ds – Hellzapoppin (Flying Nun) – New Zealand – 1992
Troubled Land
King Loser – Caul of the Outlaw (Flying Nun) – New Zealand – 2015
Spik and Span
The Gordons – The Gordons 1st Album and the Future Shock E.P. – New Zealand – 1981
The Slide
Tall Dwarfs – Fork Songs (Flying Nun) – New Zealand – 1991
North by North
The Bats – Daddy’s HIghway (Flying Nun Records) – New Zealand – 1987
The JPS Experience – I Like Rain: The Story of the Jean-Paul Sartre Experience (Fire Records) – New Zealand – 2015
Tropic of Anodyne
Roy Montgomery – R: Tropic of Anodyne (Grapefruit) – New Zealand – 2016

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