Global Garage #171: Feat. Abronia (7/26/2020) [Extended Cut]

In which Portland psych rock band Abronia joins Ryan to co-host this week’s curated playlist and talk about current events in their hometown, music in the time of coronavirus, psychedelia, hedge funds, and the power of positive thinking.

After listening to this show, please go check out Abronia’s two records on Bandcamp and give the band a follow on Facebook and/or Instagram.

As mentioned on the show, here is the video of Paul’s percussion solo pick from Lê Quan Ninh:

Also, if you want to get in touch with your sound body, Paul Mr. Vernon Shepherd is here to help:

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Global Garage Show Playlist: 7/26/2020

Band – Album (Label) – Location – Year
Cross the Hill
Abronia – The Whole of Each Eye (Cardinal Fuzz, Feeding Tube Records) – United States [Oregon] – 2019
Richie Havens – Woodstock (Cotillion) – United States [New York] – 1970
You’re No Good
ESG – The Moody EP (Moody Records) – United States [New York] – 1981
Politicians In My Eyes
Death – …For the Whole World To See 9 Drag City) – United States [Michigan] – 2009
You’re Dead
Norma Tanega – Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog (Rhino) – United States [California] – 1966
It’s A Sin To Be Rich, It’s A Low-Down Shame to Be Poor
Lightnin’ Hopkins – It’s A Sin to Be Rich (Verve Records, Gitanes Jazz productions) – United States [Texas] – 1992
Percussion Solo
Lê Quan Ninh – Extract from Traces of Rhythms Festival in Tilburg (The Netherlands) – France – 2008
The Ventures – Ventures in Space (Capitol Records) – United States [Washington] – 1964
The Cave
Lloyd Green – Golden Strings: 22 Steel Guitar Classics (Ghusto Records) – United States [Mississippi] – 2005
Debashish Bhattacharya – Calcutta Chronicals: Indian Slide-Guitar Oddyssey (Riverboat Records) – India – 2008
The Circle Is Unbroken
The Incredible String Band – The Big Huge (Elektra) – United Kingdom – 1968
Albert Ayler – Love Cry (UMG) – United States [Ohio] – 1991
Return to Forever
Chick Corea – Return to Forever (ECM Records) – United States [Massachusetts] – 1972
Ollin Arageed
Hamza El Din – Eclipse (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings) – Egypt – 2011
Dies Israea
Melvins – Nude with Boots (Ipecac Recordings) – United States [Washington] – 2008
Smoke Fingers
Abronia – Obsidian Visions / Shadowed Lands (Resurrection Records) – United States [Oregon] – 2017

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