Global Garage #151: Feat. an Interview with Sunwatchers

In which Ryan and Paul interview Brooklyn “hair jazz” band Sunwatchers.

If you’re interested in learning more about decarceration, Sunwatchers recommend checking out the following to learn more:
No New Jails NYC
Just Leadership USA
Close Rikers/

If you’re unsure as to why this is such a crucial issue, Global Garage highly recommends you check out Ava DuVernay’s documentary The 13th for a crash course.

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Sunwatchers Interview

Global Garage Show Playlist: 3/1/2020

Band – Album (Label) – Location – Year
Astonishing Comet
Earth Tongue – Floating Being (Stolen Body) – New Zealand – 2019
Örnar Över Amerika
ShitKid – Duo Limbo/’Mellan himmel å helvete’ (PNKSLM) – Sweden – 2020
Nobody Came, Nobody Wants To
Kid Fourteen – Nobody Came, Nobody Wants To (Kid’s Play) – Lebanon – 2020
Texas Drums Pt I & II
Pottery – Texas Drums Pt I & II (Partisan) – Canada – 2020
Hospital Song
Mike Baggetta, Jim Keltner, Mike Watt – Wall of Flowers (Big Ego) – United States [Massachusetts] – 2019
Pantayo – Divine (Telephone Explosion) – Canada – 2020
Tie Me Up
Belako – Tie Me Up (BMG) – Spain – 2020
Spinning Gold
Parlor Walls – Heavy Tongue (Famous Swords) – United States [New York] – 2020
love lasts forever
Virgin Prunes – The Moon Looked Down And Laughed (Enterprise Music) – Ireland – 1986
Self-Made Man
Cable Ties – Self-Made Man (Merge) – Australia – 2020
Annette Peacock – I’m the One (RCA) – United States [New York] – 1972
Nap chape
Moonlight Benjamin – Nap chape (Ma Case) – France – 2019
Monster Club
The Suncharms – Monster Club (Self-Released) – United Kingdom – 2019
Ya Marekbi
Albaitil Ashwai – Nuun (Mostakell) – Jordan – 2018
The Leper
Maurice Louca – Elephantine (Northern Spy) – Egypt – 2019
The Men – Mercy (Sacred Bones) – United States [New York] – 2020
Primitive Data
Puta Volcano – Black Box – Single (iota5) – Greece – 2020
Red River
Lowrider – Refractions (Blues Funeral) – Sweden – 2020
The Coming Of The Strange Ones
Shabaka and the Ancestors – The Coming Of The Strange Ones (UMG) – Barbados – 2020

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